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NYPAN Calendar – November 30, 2021

Our next big MPAN event!

Tired of an undemocratic Democratic Party beholden to bosses like Cuomo, and of an incompetent Director who fails to support the party nominees or critical pro-democracy ballot amendments?  

Then join us on Thursday, December 2nd at 7:00pm for a discussion of how to run for a position on the NYS Democratic State and County Committees, and Judicial Delegate from progressives who have actually done it! RSVP here

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GANY Events!

NY Health Act Tabling with 3 Parks Democrats, Saturday, Dec. 4th, 2:00-4:00 between 103rd and 104th Streets on the West Side of Broadway.

Grassroots Action NY is also hosting a health act forum in concert with Northwest Bronx Indivisible, with Dick Gottfried and others, January 23rd at 3:00pm by zoom. Save the date and RSVP here!

UPA Event!

Uptown Progressive Action is holding their monthly meeting by zoom on December 14th at 7:30pm on this zoom to discuss several building projects that are heating up Inwood. Everyone welcome!

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On the Calendar this week (click or scroll):

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Nov. 30 – Call in Day to #PassNYHealth. TOOLKIT ActionTool

Nov. 30 – End Vaccine Apartheid Global Solidarity Vigil, 5:15 pm, along the southern edge of the Duffy Sq. area (46th St.) RSVP

Dec. 1 – 2022 Our Revolution Endorsement Process Review, 8:30-9:30pm RSVP

Dec. 1 – New York Health Act Teach-In with Dr. Naomi Zewde, 6:30pm, zoom RSVP

Dec. 2 – “Take back the Democratic party” training in how to run for state and county committees RSVP Speakers from around the state who have done it successfully!

Dec. 3 – Say Their Names, 5:00pm every Friday, 96th and Bway if no rain. Contact: Ann, or Jenny,

The Single Payer Committee meets monthly on the second Monday, so the next meeting is on December 13th at 7:00pm, and all are welcome!  RSVP HERE!

We now have FIVE working groups!  More at

People2People Working Group – Contact Naomi Zewde, People2People is working on materials – with Labor for canvassing among union groups and materials for different regions of the state – and scheduling events, locations, groups, and phone banks to get the word out and build the movement. Sign up here for canvassing!

Research Working Group – Contact Steven Cecchini, Research continues to look for information to assist Electoral with power mapping our senators, to create county tax savings numbers, and to help create forceful flyers.

Labor Working Group – Contact Jeff Mikkelson, Labor is developing strategies and outreach materials to amplify existing support for and overcome lingering opposition to the NY Health Act among labor unions, focusing on the large public sector unions that wield significant influence over Democratic leadership and the legislative process.

Electoral Working Group – Contact Ting Barrow, Electoral has begun the process of power mapping every one of our state senators, and is bent on finding the levers that will move them to #PassNYHealth as well as a strategy to use those levers with other organizations during the next session.

Medical Professionals Working Group – Contact Donald Gardner, This new working group will work on building support among medical professionals, in particular in organizations.

And Phone Banking! – Erl Kimmich of GANY,, is leading a phone bank on Sundays calling Our Revolution #s in New York City (and potentially elsewhere) about the Health Act. Jump on – it’s easy using their script and dialer – and VERY useful!

And here is our latest flyer. Check it out!

Dec. 4 – “Black Love Responds to Climate Change”, music, dance, street theater, arts and more, noon, between 125th, Amsterdam and Broadway. More info at 212 602-1245

Tell your member of congress you want them to stand with the Post Office, and support fully funding Postal Banking in the 2022 appropriations bill.

Dec. 1 – New York Health Act Teach-In with Dr. Naomi Zewde, 6:30pm, zoom. RSVP

Jan. 23 – Northwest Bronx Health Act forum with Dick Gottfried and others. Save the date and RSVP here!

Add your name: We must expand Medicare AND demand it be allowed to negotiate drug prices

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Single Payer News – useful articles, regularly updated by Tim Frasca

Good Shepherd homeless outreach, Isham Street at Good Shepherd Church west of Broadway  RSVP. Please bring bottles of water, bananas to distribute (they provide sandwiches – come early and help make them)

  • Dec. 1 – 7:00pm
  • Dec. 18 – 10:00am
  • Dec. 22 – 7:00pm
  • Jan. 15 – 10:00am

Sign to keep the path to citizenship in the Build Back Better Act.

Contribute to seven abortion funds in states surrounding Texas. This is a very tangible way to ensure as many people as possible are able to access the healthcare they need as they travel outside of Texas for abortion care appointments.
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Dec. 1 – 2022 Our Revolution Endorsement Process Review, 8:30-9:30pm RSVP

Dec. 8 – WFP Manhattan Chapter meeting, 7:00pm RSVP

Dec. 8 – 2022 Our Revolution Endorsement Process Review, 8:30-9:30pm RSVP

Dec. 15 – 2022 Our Revolution Endorsement Process Review, 8:30-9:30pm RSVP

Sign Bernie’s petition: tell the Senate to do away with the filibuster and the 60 vote rule and pass legislation that makes it easier for all of our people to vote, ends the influence of big money in politics, and restricts partisan gerrymandering.

Sign this petition to your House and Senate Democrats: Tax the rich and corporations. We must make them pay their fair share, and resist lobbyist pressure.

Fun fact! Text your ZIP to 907-312-5085 to find out which native peoples lived where you do now

Or find out in more detail here!