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Growing the grassroots in Northern Manhattan

New Manhattan chapter formed!

In order to strengthen our abilities, NYPAN is working on creating county-wide chapters throughout the state, and Manhattan was the first. The original four chapters: UPA, GANY, UES and PALM, will continue to exist, providing crucial local grassroots contact and… Continue Reading →

Agnela Fernandez for Council District 10!

While there are other good candidates, UPA endorsed Angela, so please get out there and help her! Here’s where you can find out about all her events and ways to help. Questions? team@angelafernandez.nyc

April Meeting – City Council District 10 Candidates Forum!

Come to our candidate forum on April 13th at 7:30pm and meet all the great candidates for City Council in district 10! We’re using this zoom: https://nypan.org/private/zoom. We’ll be talking with candidates individually, so you’ll get a good feel for… Continue Reading →

February Meeting!

February 9th, 7:30pm We’ll be discussing Ranked Choice Voting, which will be introduced in NYC in the June Primaries. Helping people understand how it works will form part of our outreach effort this Spring. We meet monthly on the second… Continue Reading →

Call for presidential candidate committees

In favor of a particular candidate and want to work for them? Great! The more progressives involved in the election the better! Just email the Steering Committee and we’ll help you get going.

UPA is #Bernie2020 ready!

Our new #Bernie2020 committee, Uptown4Bernie, had its first meeting and started the long process of organizing voter registration, petitioning and canvassing. The date for voters to change registration to vote in the Democratic primary in 2020 is OCTOBER 11th, 2019(!)…. Continue Reading →

We REALLY did it!

UPA, along with all the other NYPAN chapters, WFP, DSA and a host of other progressive organizations, turned out the vote and won substantial changes to our state Senate, giving Democrats a majority not seen since 1912! Kudos to everyone… Continue Reading →

We did it, we did it!

July 13, 2018 UPA and other NYPAN chapters joined up with over 3,000 other people around the state to collect over 65,000 signatures for Cynthia and Jumaane, putting them handily on the September ballot! Now it’s time to reach out… Continue Reading →

Petitioning season is here!

It’s June, and time for all hands on deck to gather signatures for our endorsed candidates – Cynthia Nixon for Governor and Jumaane Williams for Lt. Governor – to get them on the ballot in the September primary. We did… Continue Reading →


Uptown Progressive Action is a group of people in Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill who seek to carry out Bernie Sanders’ ideas – raising the minimum wage, addressing climate change, getting money out of politics, creating a single payer… Continue Reading →

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